Welcome to the Official Ambassador page! 

At AthlosX we want to create an amazing Family & Community of hardworking, like-minded people. People who all want to improve their personal development and create an ambition that can change their life!

AthlosX is searching for Ambassadors to join the family!

Why should you become an Ambassador for AthlosX? We have ambassadors from all over the world and it is proven that our ambassador program is very successful in helping people developing themselves. That is, what AthlosX is all about: Helping YOU grow and let you find your ambition.

We want to be a part of your improvement and that is what AthlosX distinguish itself from all the other brands.

And because of our successful ambassador program, there are only LIMITED PLACES open.

Now, you don't need thousands of followers for this unique chance. We helped people with a lot of following, but also people who just started. If you are only ambitious enough! 

How do I earn money and how much can it be?

As an Ambassador you will receive a personal code that everyone can use at the end of their purchase. Whenever someone uses your personal code, they will get 10% off their order and the ambassador (you), will receive 10% of the total purchase amount. Simply you can earn money without doing a thing! 

You will also receive free clothes when your code is used multiple times!

But how much can you earn? That depends on how often the code is used and how much you promote the brand and your code! If you are doing well, the amount of money you can earn can quickly add up.

Take a look at this table and see how fast it can add up!

The amount of persons using your code.

The Amount of the total Purchase (per person).

Your payment. (10%)


























What do I receive as an ambassador?

1. A personalised code which you can use to earn money and give away discounts.

2. Get paid 10% of every purchase that is made with your code.

3. You get the chance to become a sponsored athlete. If you do so, you will then receive all our clothes for free and you will be earning 20% of the total purchase. You can earn this with the amount of times your code is used.

4. After your code is used 3 times, you will receive a free fitness manual.

5. After your code is used 5 times you will receive a free article of your choice.

6. The support of the AthlosX Team.

7. A guaranteed spot for life.

8. The option to stop whenever you want.

Are there any requirements for joining the family and becoming an ambassador?

 There are a few Requirements, but those are simple and limited. As earlier said: We want to give this opportunity to anyone who is ambitious enough. We created these requirements, because we wanted to created a like-minded family and these Requirements will be the guidelines to achieve that.

Also, we don't want you to feel obligated! All that matters is your personal development and we believe that becoming an Ambassador can stimulate that.

The requirements are:
1. You need to stand behind the vision of AthlosX. 
2. When you sign up with an another company, you inform us. However, it isn't forbidden to sign up with an another company!  
3. You need to be active on Instagram.

4. You promote the brand whenever you can.
5. You need to have at least 1 piece of clothing from AthlosX.

If you do not already posses an item from us (number 5), we will then ask for a one time purchase to complete this last step. We are setting this requirement, because it will give us an insight of the people who really want to join and work hard on their self development.

Send us a short motivation (max. 100 words) on why you would like to become an ambassador and that you accept the requirements and we will make everything official within 24 hours. Send this to our email at info@athlosx.com or send this to us as a DM on Instagram (@athlosxbrand). We will respond as fast as possible!